Monday, 5 July 2010


Fern's last album download

It shows Bob Dylan the way he is always seen. He hasn't got a smile on his face but he looks content in his surroundings.

Yes the image is consistent with the genre of music.

The image has the artist in it.

Yes it is affective as a marketing image as it advertises the artist himself as he was very popular so everyone would have known whose album it was. Plus it has his name on the front.

I wouldn't change it as i think it is a really effect album cover.


Olivia's last album download


Becki's last album download


Nicole's last album download

Overall we are happy with our final product. We are aware that there is room for improvement such as at the very beginning, a few seconds after and the very end. These were bits we realised during editing but couldn't change them.
We felt comfortable using final cut express and feel we would do well in our real task. When we next do this, we will make sure we have enough footage incase anything goes wrong.

Monday, 28 June 2010


Wear dark clothes like they do in the video.
Vest, checkered shirt, jeans etc.

Filming on the college site.

Bring in iPod speakers.

Will be filming the first minute of the song.

Equipment:- camera, tripod, clothes for video.


Post Production

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